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Emily Ratajkowski Sitting On A Horse, N-A-K-E-D

The supermodel and internet breaker discusses sexuality, shaming, and that memorable Kim Kardashian selfie in her new magazine cover
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jul 9, 2016
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Our love, Emily Ratajkowski, chose a horse over us.


Naked in the latest issue of Harper's Bazaar is EmRata, proudly showing her flawless bod while sitting on that damn horse.

Here's a closer look:

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The actress sat down with author Naomi Wolf to discuss sexuality, shaming, and the memorable Kim Kardashian selfie. According to the interview, EmRata's skin-baring selfies are meant to promote a sex-positive social media movement.

"A selfie is a sort of interesting way to reclaim the gaze, right? You're looking at yourself and taking a photo while looking at everyone," she says. "But also, who cares?"

Well, we care, Em. And we want more selfies like this, please: 

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Photos via Mona Kuhn for Harper's Bazaar

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