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REAL TALK: 7 Excuses Women Use To Get Out Of Sex

They can be awfully clever about it
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Jun 20, 2016
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Nearly 40 percent of women lie to avoid sex, that's according to a study carried out by international tabloid website Daily Mail UK.

The research, which surveyed 1,000 women, was commissioned by Panadol, a company that produces pain relievers. Asked about their go-to excuses, women reported that lying about being on their period was a favorite, with one in seven women saying it was effective. Their reason: She just wants to relax and unwind.

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Because we feel like this isn't the only excuse women use to get out of a lil' humping, we decided to conduct our own survey. We asked seven women, some currently in a relationship while others are married, to share with us the most common excuses they use and let us understand why they don't just say "no" straight to our faces.

Below are their responses.

1) "I'm tired."

"I usually say I'm tired, but what I really meant is I'd rather spend my energy on other activities. Kasi naman when guys ask they just seem very caveman about it. They suck out all the romance. Please woo us first and with an acceptable amount of foreplay." —Karen, 27

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2) "I'm on meds for a UTI."

"Then I go on by explaining that it's not contagious but there's a risk for the infection. I use this excuse because I don't really know how to say that I'm not in the mood without disappointing him." —Anna, 26

3) "Oh my! I forgot to take my birth control pill."

"I pretend to worry, check the calendar, and count my pills as I shake my head. This will certainly kill the mood of my husband because he already mentioned before that he doesn't want another child because of the expenses nowadays." —Cherry, 33


4) "I have not taken a bath yet."

"And I tell him that I haven't changed my undies since last night and I feel so dirty, but I'm too lazy to bathe. I don't want him to get mad or sad about it. It's just the easiest and nicest way of saying no to sex." —Jomalyn, 29

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5) "I suddenly remembered [insert gross or funny memory]."

"But before I tell him that, I pretend that I'm interested. I even sit on his lap or hold his penis then I think of something that will really turn him off. This works most of the time." —Lani, 22

6) "Our daughter might wake up and catch us."

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"If this doesn't kill his mood, I throw him lines like, 'Tinapon mo na ba 'yung basura?' o kaya 'Kinalimutan mo na naman gawin bilin ko...'  Tapos tuloy tuloy lang sermon ko. When I notice wala na siya sa mood, I tell him I'll only reward him if he helps me around the house and immediately sleep." —Roni, 36

7) "I think I'm pregnant."

"This line works like magic probably because my boyfriend doesn't want to impregnate me at the moment. We are both studying and our parents are going to kill us if they knew what we are doing. So whenever I'm not in the mood, I drop these four words. He suddenly forgets his desire and starts to feel worried." —Marianne, 19


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