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7 Facebook Rules For Guys With Jealous Girlfriends

Be careful when using the "Love" button, bro
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Oct 10, 2016
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Facebook is a great place to meet new gals, communicate with your long-distance family members, and get updates from your barkada. But there's one thing that it isn't great for—relationships. In fact, a study carried out by international news website Daily Mail UK sites that the social media platform has destroyed many romantic affairs due to jealousy and cheating.

Dr. Russell Clayton, the lead researcher of the study, says: "Although Facebook is a great way to learn about someone, excessive Facebook use may be damaging to newer romantic relationships." He suggests minimizing usage for a healthier relationship, "particularly for newer couples who are still learning about each other."

We know reducing the amount of time you spend on FB is a real challenge. So if you have a selosang girlfriend and don't want to cut your time in front of the computer, there are some things you can do to make sure she won't go crazy if she checks your wall.

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1) Change your status

While this one is quite obvious, it's still important to note the importance of updating your relationship status from single to in a relationship with [insert name].  For most girls, this is a sign of commitment and security.

Jane, 26 and in a relationship for almost three years now, says announcing you're already taken on social media can help set-up a barrier from other girls. She adds:  "I think it's not right to say you're single when you're actually not. By having a 'In a relationship' status, it means you're serious and aren't open to entertaining other girls anymore."

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 2) Put her in your profile picture

You may look macho in your shirtless Boracay selfie, but your selosang girlfriend will not be happy to see that on her Timeline. She'll assume that you've posted that photo to get the attention of other girls. Keep it safe and make her feel extra special by uploading your couple shot instead.

3) Say hello when online

Before she furiously asks you why the hell you're online without taking notice of her presence, send a simple "Hello," "What keeps you busy?," or "I love you." It will put a smile on her face (and help you evade an unnecessary argument).

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4) Like all her posts

When your girlfriend posts something on Facebook, make sure to "Like" it. She might not tell you directly, but she expects you to do so. If you don't, she'll assume many terrible things. Don't submit yourself to the mercy of her imagination. When she uploads something, be on it.


5) "Love" button is for her ONLY

Don't dare hit the "Love" button on another woman's post or photo. The only exception to this rule: your mom, titas, and sisters. 

6) Be careful with what you like

Everything you "Like" on Facebook appears on your friends' Timelines. So if you can resist the urge, avoid hitting the "Like" button when you see a woman wearing skimpy swimsuit, motel promos, or anything remotely raunchy.

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7) Don't add or follow random girls on Facebook

Rule of thumb: Keep your Facebook friends limited to your family members and your friends IRL.

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