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Magbalik-Loob Ka Na: 7 Favorite Sins Of FHM Readers

It's Holy Week; so why the hell are you looking for Maria Ozawa online? Master Suplado Stanley Chi asks this question along with a few things to ponder for his fellow manyaks!      
by Stanley Chi | Apr 18, 2014
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Are you reading this article during the Holy Week?

Ang tindi mo, bro. Don’t you have seven churches to visit or something? Okay, let me guess: You don’t want to be bothered because your crush just uploaded swimsuit photos from her Boracay getaway. Sakto ba?

Last time I checked, majority of Filipinos are Catholics and I can bet my monthly salary that’s also the case for FHM readers. And even if you hate fasting, it won’t hurt if you did a little introspection like this:

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Now, let’s all think back on our favorite sins and see if we’ve got the stomach to at least feel guilty about them.

Top 7 Sins of FHM Readers: Guilty Ka Ba?

 You can deny all you want, but you are probably guilty of at least one of these seven kamanyakan sins.

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1) A hot chick passes by…and you imagine what she would look like naked

When a girl passes by and she happens to have cleavage, you instantly have a mental picture of her wearing absolutely nothing. It’s like an inborn talent, I know, but it should make you feel even a tiny pang of guilt. (While we’re on the topic, don’t try too hard to find out if a girl wearing a sleeveless shirt has kili-kili hair or not. You will just end up looking like a pervert, which you probably are.)

If you want kili-kili that bad, here's what we can offer: 

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2) In your hard drive, you have a stash of photos…of your Facebook friends wearing flimsy bikinis 

Take a quick look at your hands. May kalyo na ba? You probably got it from right-clicking like crazy on bikini photos that you find on your Facebook feed. Or maybe you got it from too much masturbation. Most likely, it’s because of both.

3) You execute your pasimple moves with girls you’re supposedly “friends” with

 There are two types of men: There’s “friendly” guy #1, who keeps hugging girls just so he can feel their boobs against his chest. Then, there’s guy #2, a.k.a. Boy Torpe, who has no choice but to watch in envy while guy #1 scores again. Both, of course, are perverts in their own right.

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