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#FHM100Sexiest2015: The Victory Party Highlights!

A recap of this year's edition of the 100 Sexiest Victory Party—from the backstage to the sexiest runway you'll ever lay eyes on.
by Neps Firmalan | Jul 12, 2015
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After serving you the first-ever FHM BroCon, we continued the sexiest of our country's traditions and gave those who were invited back to the SMX Convention Center a fitting encore to the manliest event of the year: The 2015 FHM 100 Sexiest Victory Party!

Unlike that annoying friend of yours who brags about the many awesome thing he's seen in his life, we won't spout about how much we "wished you were also there." The fact is, we couldn't possibly accommodate everyone. However, that doesn't mean we CAN'T SHARE THE GOOD TIMES WITH EVERYONE!

Below is a recap of this year's edition of the 100 Sexiest Victory Partyfrom the backstage to the sexiest runway you'll ever lay your eyes on. You're welcome, bro!

The stage looked like this after the curtains came down on the FHM BroConfilled with lights but devoid of activity. It didn't remain that way though; as it transformed into the literal representation of heaven on earth in a few hours' time.

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The stage might be empty but the backstage was filled with already beautiful women prepping for their time in the spotlight. Here's hot momma and our April 2015 cover girl Patricia Javier telling us to tone it down so she can apply makeup in peace (as if she still needed it).

Here's the forever fine Alice Dixson, holding what looks to be an FHM mic. You'll know why in a bit.

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Alex Moreno not only showed her luscious curves, she also showcased one of the most colorful ensembles witnessed that night! Fly, you pretty butterfly!

Icon Aubrey Miles' smile lit up the backstage like a 100-watt lamp in a dark basement. Still looking like it's 2005!

FHM February 2015 cover girl Aiko Climaco in a simple-yet-elegant pink outfit. Don't worry boys; you'll see more of her later (if you know what we mean).

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Introducing, our celebrity correspondent, the one and only Miss Alice! She may look regal but the lady's super game at chikahan. Here she is interviewing Miss Patricia and her (obviously) lucky hubby.

And when she's not chatting with her fellow celebs, our girl Alice posed with other gorgeous belles for our cameras, like with Phoemela Baranda here, and we couldn't thank her enough for it.

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She may not be inside a body-hugging, Internet-breaking outfit but, you have to admit, a fully-clothed Ellen Adarna is still a fantasy-inducing sight!

This month's muse, the ab-tastic Valeen Montenegro, sure looks fierce here. Empoy Her fans must be so proud!

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Speaking of ab-tastic females, here's volleybelle Rachel Anne Daquis. Oh yes, she has game (in more ways than one).

When Chloe Dauden arrived, onlookers stopped whatever they were doing. It might be her statuesque figure, or her curves, or her pink supple lips. Whatever it was, she deserved the attention.

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Among the last ones to pose in front of the photo wall backstage was the Maria Ozawa, whose presence had people shouting like groupies trapped inside a small room with their favorite rock band.

Aaannd...we're off to where the "magic" happened aka the stage! Petron's sexy dancers opened the floor with a number filled with all the stretches, bends, and jerks you want to see!

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Case in point:

Showing that they won't fall behind in the making-men-sweat-and-drool department, Rogin-E's girls came busting out of the gates with daring outfits our girlfriends warned us about. Hooray for single peeps!

Don't forget to pick up your eyeballs off the floor:

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FHM Sex M.D. Abby Poblador in scary attire (scarily revealing, that is).

Here's Maica Palo for Tanduay wearing what could only be described as the luckiest jacket of all time.

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Another look (because she deserves it):

The girls of RRJ came in with a ton of swag, amped up by their even swaggier outfits.

Bitin clothes are the best!

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We're nearing the best part of the night, aka the 100 Sexiest Victory Walk, but first how about another ultra-flexible dance number?

As promised, here's more of Aiko, dancing seductively in front of a dude whose focus is off the charts!

Here's the same dude mustering all the self-control in the world to keep his game face on in front of a provocative Bangs Garcia.

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But enough dancing , it's time for the country's finest women to take the ramp! Here's Kookai Sarmiento in an elaborate dress that still fails to hide her oozing sex appeal.

Alex's back as the sexiest butterfly we've ever seen!

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Phoem's bubbly side in full display...together with her legs that go on for miles.

Ritz Azul wearing a construction cap can certainly work for us and erect our...solid structures. Anytime, anywhere.

Daiana Menezes' flying kiss met a lot of wishful palms that night.

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Meg Imperial's see-through dress spawned a lot of fantasies when she sashayed in it on the stage.

Here's Valeen showing us just why it pays to be fit.

Bangs returns to a hyper-active crowd that can't get enough of her.

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Aiko takes to the stage once again, this time in a yellow outfit that makes her look like a goddess from a legendary tale.

Sensing that the crowd wanted more, Miyabi took the stage once again, this time in even less fabric than before.

Patricia's queenly poise and appearance is truly divine.

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FHM Nation, meet the sexiest women of 2015! Only one thing's missing...

Ah, there she is! Here's Jennylyn Mercado being carried like a royalty while singing her version of Beyonce's "Crazy In love." We're crazy in love with you, Jen!

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That's our New Queen right there!

A shower of confetti and an amazing light show for the Sexiest in the Land! A well-deserved crown, indeed.


Photography by Ryan Ong, Jonathan de Jesus, Mark Jesalva

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