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FHM: A Man's Guide To Hooking Up

From preparation to sealing the deal, this new book will boost your game
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 26, 2012
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You don't always have to be at the receiving end of another heartbreaking "no," from a girl. You can do something. First would be to give yourself a good, long look at the mirror, and pat your back for trying.

Now, try harder.

By harder, we mean picking up this little black book we've prepared for anyone who wants to give their game a boost: FHM: A Man's Guide To Hooking Up. It's a battlefield out there, gentlemen. Women have only become more keen at detecting your advances, at sniffing out the bola. One misstep, and she'll light you up real good in a bad way.

You'll need all the help that you can get, and this 160-page collection of tips, guides, and knowledge that will "put an end to all your woman problems" may be all the help you'll need. It's a neat, comprehensive read, designed to aid you in mastering the art of dressing to attract, decoding women's facial expressions, flirting in the office, social networks (and the combination of the two), and supercharging your sex life.  At 150 pesos, it costs less than a peso per page.

Now, you're thinking we're just hyping it up because it's FHM-made. Well, only partially. Here's what we can do: we'll put it through a quality test. We'll flip it open at random, 10 times, and see what bit of advice we'll learn. Here goes nothing!

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