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The Fist Pump-Worthy Highlights Of The First-Ever FHM BroCon!

All the sexy moments from the day-long festivities of the year's manliest event, the FHM BroCon!
by Gelo Gonzales | Jul 12, 2015
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Not to toot our own horn, but there's no other way of going about it: the FHM BroCon was a rousing success. From the moment the doors opened, a huge surge of testosterone came tearing through the gates of the SMX Convention Center's halls, ready to be served by the festivities offered by this year's manliest event.

"It's great to be a man," we declared. And for every bro who was lucky enough to be at the event, BroCon's non-stop serving of good music, good food, schmexy activities with booth girls, epic cover girl appearances, and freebies should have proven just that.

And if you weren't lucky enough to drop by? Well, that's what we're here for, bro. We took pictures—lots of it—and like a grandma showing a house visitor her cool travel photos, we're now sharing our bro-ventures in the massive photo-roll down below.

Get ready to scroll down (A LOT)!

Up-and-coming band Lunar Lights greeted early birds with youthful rock ditties that surely set the tone for what was going to be an energetic day!

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's Stanley Chi and FHM fave Lhea Bernardino held their Autograph Signing session at a neat little corner where they sold Summit books and magazines. Lhea is on the cover of the newly-released book by Stanley Chi called One Night Stan: Why Nice Guys Finish Last (And How You Can Finish First).

Just outside the doors of the actual event proper, we put up a photo-wall where party-goers got to take photos with girls that have the power of making one's day—including the cutest #NewCrush we've ever seen, Crizelda Roberts.

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Inside, every corner of the spacious venue was filled with sexy surprises, thanks to our event sponsors and partners.

At the Petron booth, every man's wish to be trapped in a very small space with a very sexy lady was fulfilled. See that octagonal thing behind those three ladies? This booth's gimmick was to put guys in there as they scrambled for pieces of paper that had corresponding prizes. As if being with a lady in that small a space isn't prize enough!

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At the Rogin-E booth, our endurance was thoroughly put to the test as we went through three challenges (boxing, shooting, and puzzle solving) while being distracted by women in bikinis. It was a challenge we certainly liked.

Their big reward? Well that came later when the Rogin-E girls, including Mayumi Yokoyama, strut out their stuff. And what good stuff that was.

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The RRJ booth was the booth for the bro that knows his fashion. The best part? Their ultra-cool spot allowed guys to have their shirts customized.

Okay, so that's not the best part. The best part was when RRJ hosted the autograph signing session of the lady who garnered that day's biggest screams, Maria Ozawa. From around 4:30 until the event ended at around six, Ozawa signed autographs gamely!

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It wasn't just the Japanese legend who got to scribble her name that day though. Starting off the FHM Cover Girls parade was the lovely pair of Daiana Menezes and Meg Imperial, who signed autographs early in the afternoon. What lovely smiles!

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Later that day, Arny Ross, Myrtle Sarrosa, and Valeen Montenegro also made everyone smile with their own meet-and-greet session.

Now, if you're a fan of music, the FHM BroCon would've made you smile throughout the day. Time for an OPM rockstars roll call!

Chicosci got things off to a rocking start with their hits, and their cover of the Eheads song, "Magasin."

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Marc Abaya of Kjwan used his "daliri" to show how good his guitarist is with his instrument.

Abaya wasn't the only guy though whose fingers were itchy for gripping something. Yael Yuzon sang that Sponge Cola hit that goes "Huwag kang bibitiw bigla!" as he slapped hands with the audience and the audience sang back.

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And sing back the crowd also did when Ebe Dancel, formerly of Sugarfree, sang his hit song, "Mariposa."

Sandwich closed things off, and made the venue rock so hard that lead guy Raimund Marasigan nearly lost his balance:

Or it could have been that he had been drinking the free-flowing Tanduay that day served by equally intoxicating ladies?

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Speaking of intoxicating ladies, A.Menarini's booth girl got us drunk in love...

...but not as much as these Tanduay girls in the Tanduay ball pit did though!

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And those weren't the only balls men played with during the event. Men's care specialists Blackwater and Toby's Sports also set up a shooting arcade, knowing that Pinoys just can't say no to the darned game.

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For those who wanted to hone not just their shooting skills but their smarts, our friends over at online bookstore Buqo urged everyone pick up e-books at their booth.

And it helped that they had pretty faces you'd want to take a selfie with making the convincing!

It was hard to keep focused on reading though with all these other things competing for our attention:

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A)  F1 simulators at the Casio booth!

Just look at the line for this!

B)  These gorgeous, mouthwatering guitars from Gibson. That blue guitar in the middle is heaven-sent, and costs as much as heaven itself at P150,000.

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C)  Rare kicks!


D)  Geek-fueled memorabilia and toys

E)  Cyen Lazam manning the RRJ booth

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What's that? How about we show you more of the ladies? Your wish is our, well, you know the rest. Get ready to feast your eyes on these:

The Tanduay girls (again!)

They even played a game of twister, where Micah Sosmena got particularly close with this one guy, and won!

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B)  The hot DJ duo of Sanya Smith and Ornussa Cadness who spun for RRJ...

...and these other girls representing RRJ, including Bangs Garcia, Divine Smith, and Aiko Climaco!

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C)  Daisuri Choi, the Korean star from Eat Bulaga's "You're My Foreignay," who danced her way to Pinoy's hearts that afternoon

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None of these however match the excitement that hit incredible levels when this lady showed up:

That is none other than the Philippines' Sexiest Woman of 2015, Jennylyn Mercado, who provided the perfect (happy) ending to what had been an awesome day.


It's great to be a man, isn't it?!

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See you next year!


Photography Jonathan de Jesus, Majoy Siason, Mark Jesalva

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