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FHM Editors' Blog #7: The 10 Sexiest Women In My World 2013

It’s usually illegal to have other people look at your ballot, but here goes nothing…
by Ash Mahinay | Jun 10, 2013
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FHM Editor's Blog #3: The New Guy!

Hello bros, hope you had fun casting a vote (or a hundred) for FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World. I think that no matter who comes out on top this year, the real winner will always be us men, we who have all these lovely females to choose from. Still, there’ll probably be a few of us out there who’ll be feeling mighty disappointed if things don’t pan out the way we wanted, me included (I’m TEAM SOLENN 4 LYF).

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So instead of working on my assigned entries for the actual 100 Sexiest List (Ssshh!), I’ve put together my own personal 100 10 Sexiest Women in My World 2013.

I also considered doing a list of the Top 10 Cars I love...but I was told that probably won't fly

But instead of numerical rankings, I’ve assigned each girl an overlap-eliminating category, since it’s too hard for me to decide otherwise! Below, for your judgment: My personal-and-not-at-all-representative-of-FHM-as-a-whole babe/shame crushes selection!

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The Only Girl in the World (AKA my top one)
People have said I have a thing for morena girls, and considering that I didn’t even have to think twice about my winner, they may have a point. All I see is signs.

PS. Is Riri considered a “black” gyal? And any rude bois up in here who wanna pon dat ukku inna di ground, seen?


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Wifey Material
It’s almost unfair how hot she still is. To the trolls who scream Photoshop, after you’ve seen her in person, you’ll know there’s really no need! In this case, an FHM favorite is a favorite of mine.

The Fit
Linda has a banging bod which more than makes up for her lack of height (well, compared to me—I’m 6’2”—or her boyfriend Alex Crisano—who’s scary tall). Her abs are especially great–you can nip, tuck, and implant most other things, but nothing but hard hours and healthy eating will get you those killer abs (also that accent, hnngh).

NEXT More fit ladies and a retro hit!

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