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FHM Etiquette: One-Night Stands

The premise is that it is a one-night stand. Don't get attached. But more importantly, don't get her attached.
by Lou E. Albano | Oct 18, 2011
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It’s sembreak for a lot of you. This could only mean one thing: Going on quick trips of every sort. As in road trips, beach trips, out-of-town trips, you get the point. However which way you go about them, they are all the same: They are quickies, tucked between Halloween, and Undas.

Now, as with most vacations, flings abound. You’re in a happy place, along with other happy people, looking for happy things to do. Obviously, happy things happen.  

Watch out: That’s where things turn from happy to tricky. Women, you see, don’t really have the best attitudes towards one-night stands. In a study published in the a 2008 issue of Human Nature, researchers found that though ours is now a more permissible society, women still feel self loathing and shame after a night of Stranger Sex.

According to the study, 80% of men report positive feelings after a night of casual sex, as compared to only 54% of women. Maybe it’s because girls are absolute champs in messing up their one-night stands: they give too much, and hence, expect too much. Girls sometimes feel they make complete fools of themselves.

One night stands aren’t easy. It takes a lot of tries and retries to figure out there are universally-accepted rules and etiquette of having honest-to-goodness casual sex. Not sex with someone you like, not sex with an ex. This is Sex With a Stranger; a person you do not know well, if you even care to know her at all.

Here are some to take note of:

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