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FHM Gets First Dibs On Abby Poblador's Upcoming Gravure Book!

This is easily Abby at her sexiest!
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 15, 2014
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Jay Tablante just showed us some of the photos included in Abby Poblador's upcoming digital gravure book, An Intimate Escape: Abby, and we think we can all agree that this is easily Abby at her sexiest. Jay, pare, you've outdone yourself for the nth time!

Abby Poblador

We thought the behind-the-scenes photos we received last June were good enough for the book, but boy, we had no idea the final output's going to be this awesome. Gravure shoots for the win!

Abby Poblador

We've worked with Abby a bunch of times in the past, but this photo shoot just made us see her in a completely different light. We think she's ready for her own FHM cover. Tingin ninyo?

Abby Poblador

It's not like you need more reasons to purchase An Intimate Escape: Abby on Buqo, but we'll give you one anyway: Super yummy sideboob shots! 

Abby Poblador

NEXT: The money shot!

Photography Jay Tablante

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