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FHM Presents: How To Score With Every Woman In The World!

Join us as we travel to the finest destinations in the meet the best (and most attainable) women the rest of the world has to offer!
by Ash Mahinay and Alex Paita | Oct 20, 2014
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Pinoys are known for being romantic. From old-school harana to fast-paced one-nighters, we pride ourselves in possessing the right moves when we need to woo women, whatever the occasion.

But how does our homegrown brand of hooking up fare to global standards? Will our approach still work with international honeys?

Join us as we travel to the finest destinations in the meet the best (and most attainable) women the rest of the world has to offer!



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YOUR TARGET: The all-American bombshell—tall, blonde, blue-eyed, double Ds, and super fit

THE APPROACH: Digital entry is wholly accepted in America, so you may want to try your luck on the Internet. “Swiping right on Tinder, followed by a direct message on Instagram seems to be the start of something new for
today’s young people. I am from the South and prefer to be old-fashioned...after swiping right and sending a direct message on Instagram, ha ha!” says Todd, from Orange County.

THE SPOT: Los Angeles. It has the largest population of Fil-Ams in any single county according to the 2010 US Census. Being from the homeland is a surefire opener with these girls.

YOUR CHANCES: Everything is possible in the USA!


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YOUR TARGET: The sun-kissed, salsa-dancing Thalia look-alike

THE APPROACH: Just like in telenovelas, Mexican hotties need to be tamed with some good old ligaw, which you should be good at since we are a country of sappy romantics.

THE SPOT: Playa del Carmen, near Cancun—which you might have heard of due to the phenomenon known as Spring Break. Close enough to the action, but not a tourist trap either.

YOUR CHANCES: We’ve heard that Mexican men get too excited trying to chase tourist tail that the local gals feel neglected. They’re all really friendly, and as long as you’re not a total creep, you’re in with a shot.


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YOUR TARGET: The muy guapa Elsa Pataky, Penelope Cruz, Marian Rivera types

THE APPROACH: “Spanish girls love to dance,” tips Lennon, a Pinoy trader who regularly tours around the world, “so ask her for a dance.” Take it as your chance to try to relate with her—forget that we were once messed over by their ancestors, and focus on the good stuff, like how similar our language and grub are.

THE SPOT: Bars and community centers all around Spain that regularly hold “singles nights,” where you can find your kapareja

YOUR CHANCES: “Don’t expect anything on the first night,” says Lennon. “They play hard to get, and you have to play the wine-and-dine approach. If you play your cards right, it’ll be worth the wait.”

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From FHM's October 2014 issue
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