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FHM Helps You Survive Hump Day: 3 Boob-Tastic Ways To Use A GoPro!

No wonder girls love 'em!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Sep 3, 2014
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GoPro cameras were originally manufactured to be a reliable lightweight buddy that you can use to record extreme action videos or photos. People generally use them to make their action shots look up to par with National Geographic, while others use these HD cams for their, uhm, shameless selfies. 

Go GoPro Reason #1: For must-capture moments like this

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But we found out that girls have also taken a real liking to this handy gadget, because it helps highlight their goodies! Hence, in this week's edition of FHM Hump Day Survival, we present to you the boobs-tastic ways to use a GoPro!


Grab your GoPro and make your gym time more exciting!

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Unzip that hoodie so we can see those goodies you can sweat better.

Of course, you need to change your bottoms, too!

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Please remember to stretch...

Stretch it good!

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You can even make you own gym tutorial with this handy buddy. First, lift some weights

Then do some pumps and pull-ups!

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And don't forget cardio! Skip some ropes! Run the treadmill! See how the camera never loses focus? Neat!

It's also fully waterproof! Perfect for the shower! *grins*

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Watch the full boso workout here!

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