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FHM Helps You Survive Hump Day: Jessica Alba's Sin City 2 Strip Club Outtakes Will Make You Forget About The Actual Movie
We've just got hold of the outtakes of Jessica Alba's strip club scene in Sin City: A Dame To Kill For...and it's waaay better than what we all saw in the movie!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Dec 3, 2014
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When (a not-yet-preggy) Jessica Alba returned in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For to play stripper Nancy Callahan, she gave us another performance that definitely merited a standing ovation(See what we did there?)   

GIF via Tumblr

Here's more:


Video via alindilonn

The film's black-and-white world certainly captured the Frank Miller graphic novels where it was based from. But what if tell you that Ms. Alba's strip club outtakes are way hotter, even without the magic of CGI? Gents, welcome to another edition of your weekly midweek blues reliever, the FHM Hump Day Survival!

Now here's the same scene without CGI. Jessica is way hotter here, yes?

Thank you, Ms. Alba!

Oh, wait. Here's the full uncut performance:

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