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FHM Helps You Survive Hump Day:The FHM Babes Bukas-Polo Gang!

Open polos + FHM Babes = (",)
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Sep 17, 2014
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FHM Helps You Survive Hump Day: Girls And Chocolates!

If you're a keen FHM observer, you might have noticed that we use a few recurring looks for the FHM Babes' photo-shoots. All of them–including those that require no clothes at all–are designed to further boost your appetite for sexy.

Bikinis, lingerie, statement shirts, femdos (or female sandos)–you name it, we've probably done something raunchy with it. And of course, the unbuttoned polo...

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We don't know what kind of spell the universe casts every time a hot woman's body slips into an oversized polo, but it just works. Every. Damn. Time. In fact, even Carlos Agassi tried to capitalize on its magic weeks ago! (So wrong, bro.)

Since our polo-garbed ladies have been growing in numbers, we thought of giving them a name. Hence, for this week's edition of Hump Day Survival, let's dub thee FHM's Bukas-Polo Gang! 

Scroll down to check out their hot members!


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Meg knew how to cool down during her hot FHM debut!


We reckon this is also how Roxee looks like on a lazy Sunday morning.


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We're pretty sure this wasn't the first time Rufa Mae had to face a "button" problem.


By the looks of it, Maica doesn't care whoever owns this polo; she likes it so she'll wear it. Well, sort of.

NEXT: Yassi! Yuka! And a hot Latina!

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