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FHM InstaSexy: The Girls Of January 2015
This week in FHM InstaSexy: January's awesome inspirations!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 29, 2015
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FHM InstaSexy: Let's Catch Up With Katrina Halili!

FHM icon Katrina Halili's return to our cover definitely helped usher in the good vibes as we started 2015 the right way. The two-time Sexiest Woman in the Land proved that she still got her sexy chops, and officially entered the realm of hot momma-dom.

But let's not forget that Kat wasn't the only one who made us happy this January—there were five other equally-hot ladies who served as our awesome inspirations during the first days of year!

Let's get to know them better as we stalk them on social media and make them the stars of this edition of FHM InstaSexy. Gents, scroll down for the Girls of January 2015!


It's a good thing that Mary Ann managed to squeezed in some time for her FHM shoot before finally leaving for the Land of the Rising Sun. We sure are going to miss her. Hopefully, she'll keep us updated by posting more hot photos on IG!

That being said, looks like we're not the only one who's missing somebody!

???? #fhmphilppines #maryanndee #girlfriendofthemonth #achievementunlock

A photo posted by Maryanne Tolentino (@anneblock) on

Toying with the camera is also a good way to cure homesickness.

Especially when the fun memories of home start kicking in. (And we think there's something wrong with that finger. Wait, is that even hers?)

Good girl gone wild. ???? #hagotpamore

A photo posted by Maryanne Tolentino (@anneblock) on

We bet that a cute furry creature is missing her too.

Goodmorning pussy! Push up! Lapit na dutdutan. Push! ???? #dutdutan14

A photo posted by Maryanne Tolentino (@anneblock) on

But you know what Mary's really missing? This. #Awww

I miss ????

A photo posted by Maryanne Tolentino (@anneblock) on


Pretty DJ duo Patty Tiu and Kat DJ, collectively known as Deuce Manila, have been on our radar for quite a while. After attending a couple of their gigs and downing XX bottles of liquor (and almost suffering death via hangovers) with them we finally convinced them to host a party in our pages.

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And how was the turnout? Pretty good, we must say.

Unpublished from FHM January 2015 Photo by @ejayleung #FHMDeuce

A photo posted by Deuce Manila (@deuce_manila) on

If you've ever wondered what's life like when you're a touring DJ, here's a small sample:

A video posted by Deuce Manila (@deuce_manila) on

Girls, take note: It's okay to binge on ice creams and sodas!

@menshealthph January 2015 #MHWomenDeuce ????

A photo posted by Deuce Manila (@deuce_manila) on

Even if their jobs require them to be quite nocturnal, the duo still enjoys basking under the sun!

As the saying goes: Sharing is caring!

Out take from @menshealthph January Issue Photo by @dix_perez #MHWomenDeuce ????

A photo posted by Deuce Manila (@deuce_manila) on


Half-Pinay, half-Chinese World Poker Tour (WPT) Royal Flush Girl Ivy Teves tells us that she really doesn't know how to read people. We say don't she worry, because any person who'll look at her can only think of one thing: She's hot.

If you don't agree, there's something wrong with you, bro.

Here's another sizzling proof:

She's also a black belter in taekwondo, karate, and jiu-jitsu. Surely, these disciplines made her quite a flexible one.

You know you have to go all in when you got a pretty girl who knows how to make your tummy happy!

Here's an idea: Beach Poker!


Just like Ivy, Jeannie enjoys all the awesome perks of being a WPT Royal Flush Girl. And what would those be?

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One, she gets to travel around the world:

Two, she gets to party...a lot.

And three, just getting almost all the best things in life. Like this piece of chicken, which is the biggest drumstick we've seen in our lives!

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