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FHM Ladies Confession: I'll Take Care Of You

This first-timer knows how to use her hands.
| Jan 22, 2016
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I have never actually had sex with my boyfriend, but we’ve done almost everything except actual penetration. The first time I gave him something was during a movie night out with friends. We weren’t together then but we had an inkling that we liked each other—well, at least wanted to do some stuff together.

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We were sitting on the couch while our other friends were on the floor. I started massaging his thigh, he was startled at first, but I signaled him to stay calm. He understood and I started massaging his bulging member inside his pants. I slid my hand inside his underwear and stroked him. He started reaching for my thigh but I led his hand away, I wanted to be in control. He started moving closer to me, panting softly. I quickened my pace, and his breathing got heavier. He looked at me and smiled nervously, I could feel he was about to come. I naughtily bit my lip and firmly grabbed his cock and gave him some finishing strokes. He covered his mouth with his hand to stop himself from letting out a moan.

I could feel his pubic hairs sticking together because of his jizz. I gathered as much of his semen from his briefs as best as I could so he wouldn’t be too awkward walking around. I excused myself and washed my hands in the bathroom.
Kat, via Facebook

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