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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Front and Center

This month’s stark witnesses: a security guard, a highway patroller, a driver friend, and a love chair
| Aug 1, 2013
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My boyfriend kept telling me that he wanted to do the deed in a center near his apartment. One day, after much convincing, I finally agreed to his idea. We went there at dawn—I was wearing a skirt over my undies and tape over my nips. After checking if the coast was clear, we locked ourselves inside the ladies’ restroom. We started inside a stall but transferred to the floor because the place was too cramped. We did it in his favorite position: sitting and facing each other.

Once we finished grinding, I went outside to check if it was okay for him to leave the ladies’ room—to my horror, a guard popped into view. I hurried back to the CR while mumbling loudly that I left something. I must’ve looked suspicious, because when I went back out, the guard was standing near the toilet entrance. I went back in and out for a third time—he wasn’t anywhere in sight, so I told my boyfriend he could come out. Alas, the guard reappeared again! My boyfriend had to hide in the men’s toilet. After half an hour we managed to escape the center. I don’t blame the guard for being suspicious, though—after all, I was still sticky and bathed in sweat.
Ladi innocent, by email

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Model Mai Takemori Photography Jerico Montemayor Photography assistant Neil Edgar Ramirez Styling Carol Concepcion Hair and Makeup Rhina Montemayor Shot on location Anchorvale Lane, Singapore
Special thanks to Jorey, Noee and Luke Guzman. Model appears for illustration purposes only
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