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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Best In Conduct

Every dog really has his day
| May 14, 2015
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I used to have this really goodlooking student teacher whom everyone was in love with. He was smart, funny, and a real gentleman. Or so we thought. We were all close to him, and because of our stupid teenage girl fantasies we would have contests of who could seduce him the best.

I went home late one night because of my student council responsibilities. While waiting outside for a tricycle topass by, I noticed Mr. GMRC standing there looking at me. I greeted him and he asked me why I was staying in school so late. I told him about what we were doing for the school and stuff so he said, “Wow, ang sipag niyo naman. Galing!” I hate to admit it now but his compliments got me really turned on and my teenage panties got wet. It started to rain, good thing a tricycle arrived. Mr. GMRC said that I should go take it but I said we could share the trike because we were going the same way anyway. He reluctantly obliged.

We got on the trike. We were both kind of wet and the air was humid. I could feel his biceps and the hair on
his arms caressed my skin. I would try to lean on him so that the bumps would cause my breast to jiggle on this
elbow. Things weren’t really moving along until the driver made a hard right to avoid a stray cat on the street. It
almost caused the tricycle to tip over. I found myself on top of my teacher’s thighs, and my hand on his crotch. We gazed into each other’s eyes and I felt his thing growing. I took my chance and tugged on it through his pants. He moaned. I was so surprised by his face that I almost kissed him but the voice of the driver stopped us. He asked if we were okay, I removed my hand from my teacher’s bulge. Mr. GMRC paid the fare and told the tricycle to take me home safely. He told me he had to go because something “came up.” I got so horny that whenever the driver wasn’t looking I would touch myself. When I got home, I took a bath and had one of the best masturbating sessions while thinking about my teacher’s erection, and how he could be getting himself off from me touching him.

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The next day I saw Mr. GMRC. I went up to his desk  and gave him a nice smile while biting on my lip. I gave him a note saying, “Sabay ulit tayo, sir. Nabitin ako kay manong driver.”
MissOutstandingInConduct, via email


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Model Jhen Mendez Photography Kench Genato  Styling Badj Genato Makeup Archie Tolentino  Hair Dave Grona; Model appears for illustration purposes only
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