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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Double Duo

What you almost missed out on: sex in the dark, noisy new neighbors, pro lessons, and hardworking<br />female thesis buddies
| Dec 5, 2013
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My boyfriend and I were at a bar with a couple of friends, and we were all chugging buckets of beer. One of his girl friends asked if she could stay for the night with us at my boyfriend’s place after the get-together. I told her that she would be sleeping with us in one room since there are no other rooms available for other guests. She agreed. I jokingly told her to get drunk because my boyfriend and I were planning to have wild sex that night. She laughed and agreed.

On the way to my boyfriend’s house, our friend who drove us there asked if he could also stay because it was late and he's a little tipsy to drive back home. My boyfriend and I agreed, but I was kind of pissed, worrying how I’d get to do the deed with my boyfriend while we have two other people with us in one room.

It was almost dawn when I decided to grab my boyfriend’s shaft and give him head. After a
crazy foreplay, we decided to do it in all positions possible, assuming we couldn’t be seen in the dark. I was really horny and wet. It was a challenge not to moan too loud.

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When I was on top of my guy, I noticed the silhouettes of two of our friends. They seemed to be cuddling in the dark. I turned on the lights and was surprised to see them doing their own thing while my boyfriend and I were also getting it on. We completely ignored each other, turned the lights off, and continued on. We sounded like we were having an orgy, but it was just two couples having wild sex in the dark.
Gia, by email

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