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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Fine Confinement

Her libido in the year of the green wooden goat: still green and horny
| Jan 11, 2015
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Recently, I’ve had my appendix removed so I was in the hospital for a while. My boyfriend stayed
with me the whole time while my family was busy with other things. A day right after the operation, my family decided to go home and rest, so my boyfriend and I were left alone inside the room for the entire night.

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With everyone else gone, we found an opportunity to do something crazy. He wanted to give me a sponge bath, and of course, I obliged. He was stroking my body while undressing me, so I got really horny. As soon as he finished wiping my legs clean, he slowly pushed them wide apart and started stroking my clit. He leaned closer and licked me hard with his tongue, lapping at me with the full flat of it. He wriggled the tip across my clit vigorously, and then sucked it between his soft lips; gently at first, then more sharply as I came—again and again.

I literally begged for him to put his dick inside my wet hole. He was a little reluctant at first (I had fresh wounds from the operation!), but eventually, he gave in to my pleading. I carefully positioned myself so that my hips were hovering on the edge of the bed. He was on the side, and I could already see the bulge against his boxers, eager to enter me. I spread my legs even wider and reached my hand down to guide him. He moved up and leaned over me, and with the tip pressed against my pussy, he moved his dick around my wet pussy before he entered. He started slowly and gently sticking his cock deeper into me.

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He fucked me good and hard, ramming his dick in and out fast. He even squeezed my breasts from behind while he was at it. He was pressing against me so hard while I felt his cum explode inside me. He quickly pulled out, watched it ooze out and trickle down to stain the sheets as I shook in orgasm.

After we’ve both climaxed, I repositioned myself. We kissed and whispered to one another about how sobrang sarap and intense what had just happened, and then there was a knock on the door. A nurse came in to check for my vital signs. We just greeted her, acting like we have not had one of the greatest adventures of our lives.
Sarah_daye09, via email


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