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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Casting Chair

Admissions from the inside of a car, on a chair, and with grown men who aren&rsquo;t<em> tuli</em>.
| Jul 22, 2015
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I recently got my guy his ultimate dream chair for his birthday. He loves it, but I think he enjoys it a little too much. Every time I swing over, I catch him lounging around on the lazy boy eating chips and watching TV. I was getting worried that he would get chubby and lose his killer body, so I decided to surprise him with a little something to get him up and about again.

I waited for him to get comfortable one evening on his sofa, turned off the TV and some of the lights, played some sexy music, and stood by the doorway in my sexiest lace underwear. He was about to stand up, but I gently kicked him back down using my high heels. I softly pressed on his crotch with my heel, and unsurprisingly, his crotch pushed back. I sat on top of him and gyrated my hips. I bounced up and down, smothering his face with my breast. I took off his pants and started rocking the chair by bouncing on top of his dick. We switched positions and he spread my legs apart, as the chair would sway each time he thrust into me. He came so much that night but was still really careful not to get any stains on his beloved chair. At least, this is one way to make your man get up again.
Sandy, via Facebook

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