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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Balikbayan Treat

Every woman has her secrets. Sometimes they’re not really a secret
| Jun 4, 2014
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My guy best friend and I have been away from each other for more than three years when he moved out of the country to work. He came back recently to celebrate his birthday with his family and friends. It was a great time for catching up, especially since he really needed people to talk to after a bad breakup.

He invited me over at his hotel room for some drinks and told me he needed his best friend. Halfway through a bottle of vodka, he started teasing me about how we should just hook up and be a couple. I just laughed and said, “Ikaw lang eh, choosy ka pa!” He looked challenged, so he came up to me and kissed me on the lips. I honestly liked it so I just let him.

Next thing I knew we were on the carpet, undressing each other. He slipped his hands into my dress and slowly took off my underwear. I undid his pants and boxers, and was surprised to see how long and hard his dick was. I was not playing the innocent BFF, so I grabbed his dick, shoved it in my mouth, and gave him head until he came and squirted on my face. It would’ve been awkward if we weren’t tipsy and downright horny.

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I was so wet then, so he made me bend over the sofa and rammed me doggy style! He was pumping me while holding on to my breasts, and I loved how he manhandled me. It was a rough night in his living room, and I never thought I’d have a good fuck buddy in my best friend. We did it a couple more times before he went back to the States—in his bedroom, in the shower, and even on the kitchen counter. That was the best balikbayan treat I’ve had yet!
Kristina, by email

Ladies' Confessions: It Can Always Get Naughtier
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