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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Teamwork!

This month’s adventurous bunch: mountain climbers, taxi riders, a family driver, and hard-training volley belles
| Mar 5, 2014
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I played for the volleyball team back in high school. I was naturally siga and boyish. Some girls even had a crush on me back then, but I never really thought I was bisexual or a lesbian until I showered with our rookie member. She was a transferee from another school, and was half-Pinoy and half-Aussie.

While our other teammates showered right after training, we were left in the bleachers talking about our common friend. After almost an hour, we decided to shower in the locker room. It’s not new for me to shower with other girls, but I just couldn’t stop glancing at her—she was tisay, slender, and had plump breasts. I even joked that I liked her nipples because they were pink. She just laughed and naughtily grabbed my boobs. I even shouted, “Hoy!” before returning with a smack on her ass.

She tried to tickle me by embracing me from the back so I’d be helpless, but the feel of her body against mine turned me on. I faced her and kissed her. She kissed back, and from there we started fondling each other’s nipples and clits. I couldn’t resist her pink tits, so I sucked them. We were finger-fucking each other from under the shower to the locker benches. I laid her down on one of the benches and ate her shaved pussy. I licked her up and down until she asked for more finger-banging. It was a good hour in the locker room until we decided to just meet up at my house the next day after training. It was my first time doing a girl, and I loved it!
Mikka Rose, by email

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Ladies' Confessions: Nosy Neighbors

Model Kristy Bondachuk  Photography Jay Tablante  Styling Deb Bernales  Makeup Noel Flores
Model appears for illustration purposes only
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