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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Naughty Night Elf

Women-bells ring. Are you listening?
| Dec 7, 2014
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My boyfriend and I went to a cosplay event last month, and we were so entertained by the activities and cosplayers we saw. We took our time going from booth to booth, but in the middle of the busy crowd, my boyfriend whispered, “Nasayo pa ba yung night elf costume mo?” It took me a minute to answer, “Oo, nasa cabinet ko pa.” We then drove to our condo and he asked me to change into my night elf costume. I looked in the mirror while fitting the costume. It hugged too tight on my boobs that I had to remove my bra just so it would fit.

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Before I could surprise my boyfriend in the bedroom, he went up to me in the closet and embraced me from behind, the two of us facing the mirror. I could tell he liked what he saw. He licked me behind my ear and put his hand inside my tacky top. He fondled my breast with one hand while the other played with my pussy from under my tiny skirt. “So kapag nagco-cosplay dapat walang bra?” he said to me. I was supposed to put up an argument but gave up and let him fondle my breasts, just as I felt him hard on my back. He touched my wet pussy and got me even more excited.

Before he could go further, I faced him, knelt, and put down his bottoms. I gave him head, wet his warm dick so
it would go smoothly inside me. I got up and turned my back to him. He pushed me lightly and entered me doggy style. We decided to continue the rest in bed. I got down on all fours and he knelt behind me. While he pumped me fast and hard, I moaned loud to tease him. We both came. I could feel my wet pussy tighten.

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When he took out his dick, he squirted his juice on my back. It was warm. I thought we were finished, but he laid me flat on my back, held up my arms, and pinned me to the bed. He asked if I could open my legs wide, and he rammed me while sucking my hard nipples. Indeed it was a fun day for the little night elf.
Candice, via the FHM Bullboard


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Model Cyem Lazam  Photography Ria Regino of Fat Cat Studio  Styling Deb Bernales  Makeup Ria Aquino  Hair Georm Imperial
Model appears for illustration purposes only
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