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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Nosy Neighbors

Another serving of nasty tales to inspire you on your upcoming V-Day romp!
| Jan 31, 2014
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Two years ago, my ex-boyfriend invited me over to his place for lunch. Since we had just started dating, I went over without hesitation. We were both really adventurous and naughty, so while waiting for lunch to cook, we locked his bedroom door and decided to do it there.

He lived in the common Pinoy neighborhood where houses were built close to one another, and we didn’t know that his bedroom walls were not sound-proof! We had wild and loud sex, and his neighbors and relatives heard every grunting and moaning we did. Much to our embarrassment, his mother called from work just to scold him after news about the whole thing got to her.

Now whenever I visit their family house, I get weird looks from his relatives. I know why his parents don’t like me.
Kamila, by email

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FHM Ladies' Confessions: Double Duo

Model Agata Drywa Photography Jan Gonzales; shot with Fujifilm XE-1 Styling Eloise Daniot ; lingerie Etam Location The Henry Hotel (Cebu)
Model appears for illustration purposes only
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