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Ladies' Confessions: True Bro!

There are only two types of women: the really honest ones and those who don&rsquo;t have anything to tell.<br />But we know most of you girls do&hellip;
| Oct 31, 2013
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My boyfriend is a member of a prominent fraternity in Manila, and their frat house is conveniently located near the university where I study. I usually hang out with my boyfriend and his frat brothers whenever I have free time from school.

About three months ago, it was just my boyfriend and another frat member who were left in the house. We shared a few stories over beer until his frat brother decided to leave. My boyfriend gave me a naughty look and the next thing I knew, he was pumping me hard in one of the rooms. I was really wet and horny so I got so loud and started yelling how I wanted more and how I wanted it harder.

My boyfriend did a great job that I even lost count how many times I came. We decided to take a bath after all that steamy sex. When we got out of the room naked, we were surprised to see his frat brother grinning outside. I blushed and was so embarrassed, but his frat brother just said, “Sarap ba? He he! Okay lang yan, secret na natin to!”
Bebeng, by email

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