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Ladies' Confessions: Like Bunny Rabbits

Bunny rabbits, brothers-in-law, and cows. Isn't the female libido a curious thing?
| Oct 4, 2013
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My boyfriend and I study in different universities, so we make sure to spend quality time on weekends. It was his turn to visit me at home when I felt hornier than usual. I casually rubbed his crotch when we were left alone in the living room and eventually opened his zipper. He begged for me to put his throbbing dick in my mouth, so I did what he asked, but we heard the door open so I covered his hard-on with a pillow. My
mom then called me to feed our pet rabbits.

So I went outside and he followed me, purposely letting me feel his bulge on my butt. I pretended not to notice. The bunny cages were just beside the open garage which can easily be seen from outside the gate. I started bending over to put some bunny feed on the plates when he suddenly pulled down my shorts and licked me right then and there! His tongue played with my clit while his finger went in—I almost squirted on his face. I tried not to moan, then started to face him when he inserted his dick inside me, he started pumping so hard I almost dropped the bunny food. He grabbed my boobs and started licking my ear down to my neck. I held on to the cages while he entered me harder and harder.

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I could feel my pussy hugging his cock tighter when suddenly a car passed by. We had to stop. My little brother ran outside calling for me and he covered my mouth with his hand, he was taking me so hard I finally came. He moved his dick to my mouth where he spilled his cum. No one had any idea what happened at the garage, except maybe our pet bunnies.
CJ, by email

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