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FHM Presents: Have Sex Anywhere!

Forget your four-post bed and the comforts of your private quarters. Take outdoor (and preferably public) sex to uncharted heights with this guide to getting it on al fresco!
by Anton D. Umali | Aug 27, 2014
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Forget the comforts of your four-post bed and the security of your private quarters. They're not the only available options where you can do the deed. Why don't you breathe in a little courage, and be the sex daredevil that you really are by taking your sexy time outdoors—and if you're up for it, even in view of the public!

Here, we list the top out-of-home spots where you and your girl can unleash your inner horndogs and share the most adventurous romps ever! Just don't get caught, 'kay?


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Let the gods be your voyeurs as you heat up the chilly rooftop of your house or condo. With the moon and stars as your only source of light, guide your girl to high-rise levels of ecstasy. Rule No. 1: Make sure to fall into pits of primal lust without actually falling off whatever rooftop you’re on.

Pre-prod: A comfy blanket to avoid butt-burn.

The Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: Lay a blanket on the roof to avoid uncomfortable friction and make room for the friction that counts. Penetrate her reverse cowgirl style with your back flat on your blankie. Splay out like a starfish, your legs as wide open as possible. Make your girl bend forward, reaching for the floor, err, roof between your legs. As she sways her rear, squeeze it to enhance her experience.

Babe Tip: FHM Master Debater Jahziel Manabat on comfort

“Bring a jacket para malambot ang higaan ninyo. At pag may maintenance guy,
you can use the jacket pantakip while running!”

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Blood pumps through your veins from the daredevil rides you guys have been experiencing at the amusement park. You decide to unwind by making the Ferris wheel swing more than usual. Rollercoasters are capable of inducing adrenaline, but there’s no rush quite like doing the nasty in public.

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Pre-prod: Make sure your girl is wearing a skirt for easy access.

The Pleasure Peak: Before your booth of the Ferris wheel reaches its peak, make sure to fondle her a little to lube things up. Take off her panties and let her ride you, lap-dance style. Squeeze her butt cheeks while she gyrates in a wheel-like motion (because bouncing up and down may be hazardous), swinging her hips round and round. Enjoy the view.

Babe Tip: FHM Babe Maica Palo on being fearless

“Push your limits by testing out the other rides' capacity for kinkiness. Try
fingering her on the rollercoaster and dry humping on the carousel.”


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At an indie rock festival or an EDM outdoor rave, you have one thing going for you public-pumping horndogs–attendees will be too distracted (either by their amats or the performances) to give a damn. So you don’t ruin anyone else’s musical experience—sneak backstage for VIP access into your girlfriend’s panties and get your songstress to sing your praises.

Pre-prod: If you’ve got a friend working the concert, pre-show backstage access will help. Bring extra cash. You might find a bouncer willing to turn a blind eye.

The Backstage Entrance: Sync your sexual escapade with an ear-deafening performance onstage. Find a wall she can lean on. Enter her from behind, doggy-style. If she lets you go anal and you’re up for it, then backdoor away, brother!

Babe Tip: Jahziel on accessorizing

“Tell your jowa na iwanan ang flower crown sa bahay. Mag-high heels siya para mas madaling mag-doggy and mag-T-back para mayroon kang hihilahin.”

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Illustration Anj Javier
From FHM's July 2014 issue
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