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FHM Presents: Your Fail-Proof Date Plan According To Astrology!

With a little help from the moon, metaphysics, and astrology, it isn’t as hard to weather women’s moods and libido after all
by Jen Chan | Oct 27, 2014
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Every guy knows that ladies experience unpredictable and complicated mood swings every month. We don't even know where to begin. If only the moon and the stars can give us the answers we've been long looking for.

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Well, that's until now!

Here's a quickie on how to get your woman's kiliti with a li'l help from astrology, metaphysics, and some luck. Scroll down and let the universe conspire for that one-time big jiggy!

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Create, rehearse, make tolerable mistakes

The New Moon marks the beginning of the Lunation Cycle and is aptly “a time for creating new things,” says metaphysician Noel Resella. This is when the moon starts another journey back to Earth, its energies gradually rising as it orbits closer to base.

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Your move: Take advantage of this phase by making yourself more presentable. Astrologer Sonia Choa suggests you head over to your personal barbero for a haircut. This way, if you end up with a look that’s more Pong Pagong than pogi, then your hair will at least grow faster, just in time for the First Quarter.

Time is better served strategizing. Don’t ask her out just yet. Instead, stalk her on Facebook, Twitter, and  Instagram if that’s your thing, or work on those pickup lines.

Additional Wisdom: New moon, new dog
Resella advises making the universe privy to your intentions: “During the first day of the New Moon, light yourselfa candle, and say: I am open to a new relationship that is full of passion and happiness.”

Aim and fire

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The moon is seated in the waxing phase. Choa explains that whenever you want something to prosper, in business or relationships, “you do it when it is a waxing moon, when the moon is increasing in light.” After all, the closer you are to the Full Moon, the higher your chances of success.

Your move: Ask her out on a date, buy her a drink, or send her a message on Tinder. If you’re looking to pop that forever-together question, doing it on a waxing moon will bring you closer to marital bliss. Choa adds that choosing to get hitched on a night when the moon is on an earth sign (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) lowers the chances of your marriage ending in annulment, or plain separation.

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FHM's October 2014 issue

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