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FHM’S 2017 National Sex IQ Survey Proves That (Some) Filipinos Are Smarter In The Sack

Here's to measuring the sexual woke-ness of Filipinos
by B.A. Borleo | Jun 19, 2017
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We asked: How much do you know about sex? More than 4,000 of you responded. Here now are the results of our prying in bedrooms and under sheets...

PART I: Good News: We’re smarter!


Of respondents don’t believe that big feet equate to a big schlong. This, we hope, will finally bring this sex myth to its grave.

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More than half know that you can get a woman pregnant without actual penetration. Well, here’s the secret: Don’t get your semen near her vulva—it can still find its way through her vaginal canal.

Good news! You can get a woman to orgasm by fondling her breasts! Hooray for the 77% of certified Pinoy lover boys who know that—you probably also know that it’s because the nipples are connected to the brain’s genital sensory cortex, which also activates whenever the clitoris, vagina, and cervix are stimulated.

Speaking of simulation, ’grats too to the 72% who listened to their Anatomy professors and remembered that “friction” triggers the female orgasm. To those who think that an “increase in temperature in the vagina” (25%) and “male ejaculation” (3%) can get her off: shame, shame, SHAME!


Of respondents know that women come more often during oral sex than intercourse.

And we’d like to think they found out about it through, well, giving it. A whopping 88% say like giving oral pleasure.

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Studies have suggested that semen, regardless of how it enters a body, can help fight depression. Apparently, this isn’t the first time 60% of Pinoys have heard about it.

Actually, man-juice knowledge is quite on the uptick. When asked which type of foods can make semen taste sweeter, 80% of respondents correctly chose “fruits” over the other choices “dairy products” and “meats.”

PART II: But there were still some downers…


Of respondents believe that if they thrust too hard they can break their penis. The increase is quite alarming, hence, here are some things to remember about your beloved:

1) You can’t “break” your penis, because it doesn’t have a bone.

2) It has, however, several veins and arteries, which you can rupture via several ways:

A) Choking or gripping your penis tightly

B) An acceptable sex mistake is thrusting your erect penis it into something hard (like your partner’s pubic bone or tailbone) or your partner overextending it while they’re on top of you.

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Which can be a problem since 34% of respondents believe that cowgirl is the most pleasurable position for women while 25% say it’s doggie style. If you really want to be safe like the other 34% then just do good ol’ missionary sex.

A woman’s body goes through a lot of changes once it hits menopausal age, but there are also several things that aren’t affected. For one, their interest in sex. Sadly, only 15% of you know about it. Go tell lolo you know how to make lola less cranky ASAP! 


of you still think that alcohol can set the mood for sex. As we’ve said numerous times, alcohol is a depressant, which, in lovemaking terms, won’t turn you into a sex machine.

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PART III: Frisky Pinoys

38% say they would never make their own sex video

29% say they’re not sure if they’ll ever make one

33% say they’d like to film their lovemaking

24% say they already have a sex video

49% say they have taken a nude or naked selfie

39% say they sent the kinky selfie they took to another person

66% say they have engaged in sexting

39% say they’ve had five or less sexual partners

28% say they’ve only had one

59% say they make sounds when making love

28% say opening their mouths depends on who they’re sleeping with

49% say they always talk dirty when they’re having sex

27% say their potty mouth depends on who they’re boinking

69% say women have more filthy mouths in the bedroom

47% say they try different positions every time they have sex

But only 11% of Pinoys know that there are only 18 sexual positions described in the Kama Sutra.

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PART IV: How many Filipinos know that…

...the clitoris has twice as many nerve endings than the penis? 88%

It has 8,000 sensation receptors, to be exact.

...the mouth contains more germs than the butt? 86%

Not too much of a brusher? Well, you probably have 100 million to one billion bacteria on each of your teeth.

...there’s such a thing as fear of vaginas? 83%

It’s called kolpophobia.

...intercourse burns as many calories as running a mile? 91%

Men can actually burn as much as 100 calories per session, but only 18% of you know that. one knows for sure how many G-spots a woman has? 20%

Most respondents (57%) think there’s only one female G-Spot.

...guys have a G-spot? 47%

Apparently, it’s located in our prostate, right behind our anal wall, and is about the size of a walnut. And yes, you can only stimulate, erm, anally.

...the average shelf life of a condom is two years? 68%

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66% of respondents think it only takes five to 10 minutes in 10 women will never experience having an orgasm? 24%

This sexual dysfunction is called primary anorgasmia.

PART V: All about dick

66% of respondents know that a man doesn’t have to be aroused to have an erection.

Only 18% know that a man can get an average of 20 boners a day.

54% know that men can fake orgasms too.

Only three in four men in relationships always have an orgasm during sex—a statistic only 34% of respondents know.

The average length of a hard penis is five to six inches, and 75% of respondents attest to it.

83% of respondents rightfully believe that a man will ejaculate about 7,000 times in his lifetime.

This story was originally published in the June 2017 issue of FHM Philippines.

Minor edits were made by the editors.

To learn read more about it, grab a copy of the magazine.

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