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FHM's Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Chiri Arikawa Is The Worst Study Buddy (But You Won't Mind)!

She can't help you get an A, but we're pretty sure you'll be okay with it...
by Neps Firmalan | Dec 28, 2014
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It's that time of the week again when we crowd your thoughts with bouncy, bountiful, and delightful loops of sexiness: Welcome to another edition of FHM Sexy GIFs!

Christmas has just passed and most of us are still taking a well-deserved break from stuff like books, papers, reports, and all sorts of things that make growing up suck. But for those who want to be prepared when school or work resumes, a little brushing up won't hurt, right?

Japanese gravure model Chiri Arikawa wants to help you out:

chiri arikawa

A fair warning though: the 24-year-old is the worst study buddy ever because, well, you won't really be able to concentrate on the important things when you're with her!

Good luck when you see her...

Clinging to wooden posts for no apparent reason

chiri arikawa

Instead of work- or research-related bits, your mind will be filled with inappropriate jokes no teacher will be proud of.

Taking her sweater off

chiri arikawa

Still think you can get that A? Dream on. She might get the D though.

Crawling on all fours and making
kamusta on your notes

chiri arikawa

Eyes on your notes, buddy!

Ditching her notes and lazily rolling around

chiri arikawa

You'll be asking to take a break and, uhm, "rest" with her. Guaranteed!

Taking her shorts off

chiri arikawa



chiri arikawa

Okay, we give up! Can we have some, please?

Tune in next week for 2015's first edition of FHM Sexy GIFs!

GIFs extracted from YouTube

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