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FHM's Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Mai Hakase Is Reason Number One Why Summer Can't Come Fast Enough
It's still February, but Mai Hakase's making us feel the heat!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 22, 2015
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Today, we can only think of one reason why you're sad: you ate too much tikoy and are now under a terrible spell of the impacho.

Thank God we have the cure for what ails you: a Japanese cutie traipsing around in criminally small clothing in this week's FHM's Sexy GIFs! Today's guest is the dangerously top-heavy Mai Hakase, who has chosen to celebrate a day in the beach in a way that we really, really approve of.

We sure you will, too!

1)   Patience bros. That top will come off in just a short while.

2)   Especially with all the skipping around and stretching that this active lady's doing, she's bound to work up a sweat.

3)   And there it goes!

4)   And there she goes!
Tinakot ninyo eh!

5)   Mai turns the tables on us, and starts to give chase (or so we imagine).

Man, we'd love to play mataya-taya with this girl FOREVER.

6)   Our prize if we catch her? We get to look at her all day!

7)   All that running has Mai needing a cool-down. Thank God she remembers that there's a huge body of water right beside her.

8)   And these GIFs are exactly why summer needs to be here right now: We miss seeing bikinis on lovely women! Say, goodbye, Mai!

'Til next week, GIF fiends!

GIFs extracted from YouTube video

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