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FHM's Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Meet Mizuki Horii, The Sexiest Cop In Japan

Boy, Japanese policewomen sure have a strange way of apprehending people.
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 15, 2015
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The week has come to its conclusion once again, and you know what that means: FHM's Sexy GIFs!

For once though, we're wishing that these infinite loops of babe-awesomeness aren't the only kind of sexy that you'll come across this weekend. It's Valentine's, buddy, so we wish that your V-day had been filled with sexy moments other than these moving images of Japanese idol Mizuki Horii looking all fine in a police uniform.

1)   If ogling is a misdemeanor, then arrest us now, officer!

2)   If police officers were this cute when they stop our cars, we wouldn't mind putting the brakes on immediately.

3)   Is she trying to inspect a bug or something? We don't know but the longer she's within our sights, the more we like it.

4)   We're also not sure if the police are authorized to open your door, but we'd be too smitten to stop her.

5)   We don't know if we've ever come across a more aggressive officer.

6)   Oookaaay...what kind of law do we have to break to get this kind of luck?

7)   We told her the air-con was broken, so she tried looking for ways to cool down...

8)   ...but probably overdid it.

9)   One thing's for sure: She was absent from Police Academy when they taught them about public indecency laws.

10)   With a face like that though, it's easy for her to get excused from class by the prof.

11)   Oh wait, she's still feeling hot?

12)   But just as things start to get interesting, she puts a hat on it! Sorry, fellas!

See you all next week!

GIFs extracted from YouTube.

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