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FHM's Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Reon Kadena Makes Us Want To Stay In Bed Forever!
Reon Kadena doesn't want to leave her bed. Let's go join her!
by Neps Firmalan | Nov 30, 2014
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It's the weekend, your salary is (hopefully) ready, your 13th month pay is on the way, and you've got nice shindigs to look forward to.

Can your day get any better? Oh yes it can!

Yes. It. Can.

Because the weekend, as FHM tradition dictates, is the time we give you your weekly dose of endless, eye-popping loops of sexiness called the FHM Sexy GIFs!

For this week, we have the slim, cute, and well-endowed stunner Reon Kadena. A few things you should know about her: she's 28, a Japanese model, an actress, and a star of numerous gravure photobooks.

And like us, she seems to be an expert in lazily lying around in bed all day. The only difference is you won't scold her for doing so...

We mean, look:

Ditch your alarm clock, Reon is all you need to wake up on time, every time!

reon kadena

Can you still say no to her after she hit you with her
pacute-at-pa-ikot-ikot-pa move? Okay girl, take all the time you need! #KahitAbutinNgPasko

reon kadena

Better bring Google Maps because you'll be lost in her gaze! #

reon kadena

Socks in bed! Who would've though it could be a sexy sight?

reon kadena

Nothing like a good ol' stretching to get the blood flowing!

reon kadena

Guys, guys! She needs a hug! #NinjaMoves

reon kadena

Whew! For a moment there we wished we were her blanket, pillow, or even socks!

Tune in next week for another round, fellas!

GIFs extracted from YouTube

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