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FHM's Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Anna Konno Shakes What Her Momma Gave Her

Is it an earthquake? Is it too cold? We don't know what the reason is, but Anna Konno just couldn't stop shaking in these GIFs.
by Gelo Gonzales | Apr 25, 2015
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We are down to the last weekend of April, and we're not about to let it end without a bang.

Or rather, without some FHM Sexy GIFs!

This week, we bring you a gravure favorite, Anna Konno, showing what happens when you leave a Japanese idol on a bed, in her lingerie, with practically nothing to do but roll around.

Steady your arms, mates!

One look at that smile, and you know she's up to no good?

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What sort of "no good"? Oh just a round of flaunting her assets.

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...and butt jiggling. That bed electrified or something?

Or was there an earthquake happening while she was shooting the vid?

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The most logical explanation? She's probably shivering from her lack of clothing.

Sweet dreams, FHM Nation! May you see more body shaking moments at the upcoming Labor Day at Boracay, next week!

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