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FHM's Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Shoko And Mizuki Double The Fun This Weekend!
What's better than one gravure idol? Two gravure idols!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 8, 2015
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The week comes to a close yet again, but we're not letting it go without one final hurrah filled with sexiness. Like tradition, we draw the curtain on this week with FHM's Sexy GIFs!

In this edition, we feature two young, up-and-coming gravure idols, Mizuki Hoshino (the one on the left in the banner photo above) and Shoko Takasaki (the one on the right.) Both of them are pretty and both are the art of making cute faces.

Let's see how they measure up. Check out the GIFs below!

1)   Say hi to them, boys!

2)   And we get to work. They start out covered in tight tops.

3)   They get tired, and decide to rest on the sofa, where we find out that they weren't wearing bottoms!

4)   And soon, the tops go, too!

5)   Know what we mean when we said they're gifted in the art of making cute faces? Witness them below.

6)   Whoops! Got caught lookin'!

7)   Wouldn't it be awesome if we could have such pretty girls sitting on our sofas too?

8)   To finish off, they show their other pair of lingerie!

Sweet! Alright, now, say bye to them, boys!

See you fellas next week!

GIFs extracted from YouTube video

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