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FHM's Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Ai Shinozaki Might Need A Bigger Bra
Few other ways better than ending the week with a dose of sunshine-y sexy GIFs from the land of the rising sun!
by Gelo Gonzales | Feb 1, 2015
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It's that time of the week again fellas when we turn our gaze momentarily away from the country's most beautiful Filipinas (such as our intoxicating February 2015 cover girl Aiko Climaco) and turn our eye towards Japanese beauties.

This week on Sexy GIFs, we GIF-ified the cute (and not to mention, amply blessed) Ai Shinozaki, the 23-year-old Japanese idol with a G-cup bra size. Look down, bros!

1)   First off, a little tease from behind

2)   Now how about a closer view? 

3)   Alright boys, time for everyone's favorite "look up" Sexy GIF moments of the week!

4)   Just don't get caught lookin' bro, 'cause you might surprise her

"Ay mamboboso!"

5)   Quick, look now! She ain't looking!

6)   And when she's looking, try to focus on her eyes instead. We mean, they're pretty too, anyway!

Dude, come on, how many times do we have to tell you to keep your eyes up here!

7)   There, now you pissed her off and she's going!

Or not. We're just completely making up this imaginary scenario. But who needs reality when you've got someone like Ai? "Not us," we say.

See you again next week, Jap-obsessed homies!

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