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FHM's Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Bryana Holly Is What Angels In Beach Heaven Must Look Like

We interrupt your regular, Japanese women-filled FHM Sexy GIFs programming to bring you L.A. girl, Bryana Holly!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 21, 2015
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Over the past few months, we've treated you to a cavalcade of heartbreakingly cute Japanese girls who ended our weeks the right way.

Today, we take a break from those doe-eyed bundles of Oriental charm. But fear not, GIF connoisseurs! To the rescue is the svelte Western beauty, Bryana Holly, who once claimed in an interview with TransWorld SURF that she's half-Hawaiian, half-Japanese, half-Slovenian, half-Russian and half-a-little-bit-of-something-else.

Obviously, that's too many halves but here's something the FHM UK model can provide you wholeheartedly: Sexy GIFs! The 22-year-old model did a beach shoot for bikini brand, La Boheme, which we've captured here in immortal loops!

1)   Here's a bikini that Eba would be proud to don

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2)   A preview of why we're always excited for our Annual Boracay Shenanigans

3)   We'd love to be the guy pushing her on this makeshift swing

4)   It appears her butt cheeks have come out unscathed from all that log swinging. (Thank God!)

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5)   How we imagine Bryana to react when we tell her about our PROMISES OF FOREVER

6)   Finally, a shoulder roll more amazing to behold than Mayweather's

7)   Even pretty girls get emo too

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8)   You won't be feeling emo anytime soon though as long as you stay on this article!

See you next week, GIF-ers! Now go to the beach and find yourself your own Bryana Holly!

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