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FHM's Sexy GIFs To End The Week: Miwako Kakei Is A-Okay!
Is it just us, or does she also remind you of a bustier Maja Salvador?
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 24, 2015
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Were you sad when the work week ended and you had two days off to do whatever you want? No? We thought so.

Unfortunately, it's time to face responsibilities again as Monday approaches. But as it has been customary 'round here for some time now, we help you end your weekend with a bang through the FHM Sexy GIFs! This time, our guest is fresh-faced 20-year-old Japanese angel Miwako Kakei, looking so darned sexy in her shoot with Japanese publication Bomb.

Check it out!

1)   We don't know what Miwako is standing there for, but we know we're not complaining

2)   A little side-boob action never hurt nobody

3)   From this angle, we see hints of Maja Salvador. What do you think, bros?

4)   And now, your favorite segment of Sexy GIFs: those darned "Eyes up here, boys!" moments

5)   And why wouldn't we look up with a face like this waiting for us?

6)   Oh look, she's in a bikini!

7)   Whether she's jumping for joy or standing still, she's worth the two thumbs up!

8)   But she's at her absolute best when she's lying around

9)   Alright, just one last look!

See you next week! And remember, don't blow all your money on beer!

Gifs extracted from YouTube video.

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