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FHM Wingwoman: Club + Party Manners You Should Learn To Win Your Girl

Is there such a thing? Our ever reliable ladies’ expert fills you in!
by Divine Maitland-Smith | Oct 8, 2015
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FHM Wingwoman: FHM Wingwoman: Club + Party Manners You Should Learn To Win Your Girl

Not being a douche is definitely a no-brainer. But until when should you play the Mr. Nice Guy card and avoid making her bounce out of boredom. Here, our ladies' expert and FHM Wingwoman fills you in to help you get out of a tricky slump.

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Guys, I know that you think this isn’t important, but it is—it’s very important. Women don’t want someone more done up than they are, but they still want someone who know how to dress themselves. The trick is to look good without looking like you put a lot of effort into dressing—even if it did take longer than 20 minutes to dress. Here’s the cheat sheet I’ve come up with...


A watch is a must. It doesn’t have to be flashy and all up in her face. Make sure it matches your character, that’s what’s important.

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A plain black blazer with a slim fit. It’s simple yet stylish. This lets a woman know you can be formal—when needed. Wear it when and where it counts.

Patterned socks. Just because your feet are hidden doesn’t mean people can’t catch a glimpse. Pick interesting patterns and color schemes.


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At a formal dinner, you shouldn’t be wearing a T-shirt. That would be a huge turn-off. Unless you can put your own spin to it, always wear the appropriate attire for the activity planned.

Tight necklaces for men are also a no-no. That’s been out of fashion since the late ’80s and ’90s. If you have one, just get a longer chain for your bling—you’ll thank me later.

Sneakers aren’t formal wear. Put on smart shoes—preferably leather, but not necessarily. Just make sure that the style of the shoes suits you. But move past sneakers.


There are certain moves that should be done and some that you should never even try.

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A) Brave dance moves are a plus sign for me personally, and it is definitely a turn-on for the ladies. If you know how to do an extra move here and there, I suggest you flaunt it while you’re dancing with her.

B) Grinding is a little bit naughty and should only be done at night clubs in the late hours of the night or early hours of the morning.

C) Appropriate hand placement is also important: No ass grabbing while on the dance floor, please. I’m not saying don’t touch her ass— just do it in a more flirty way.

That said, here's how it is done: Place your hand on her lower back and occasionally let your hand slide down a bit.

3)   IS IT A GO, OR A NO?

This one just seems complicated but it is actually quite easy.

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Not so obvious: If a woman stops making eye contact  with you after you’ve tried some of your moves on her, then that means she is no longer interested in you and you need to move on.

Pretty obvious: When she turns her body away from yours, so she is no longer facing you directly, and she replies with short answers, no longer making more room for you to continue or start another conversation.

Complicated: Then again she could also be shy; in this case, eye contact is brief but her body will still be facing and engaging you. If she is just shy, then don’t give up!

To avoid being a no: Always back your talk up. To back your talk means if you say you have a car and she asks to see it, you better have one. Don’t lie.

Photography Ejay Leung of Midnight Bonkers  Styling Debra Bernales assisted by Madel Dodoyco  Makeup Anne Castaño  Hair Angelu Dominguez
Article first appeared on FHM's September 2015 issue
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