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Filipina Sex Survey: Hardness is Better than Size!

Size is but a number
by Mikey Agulto | Jul 28, 2011
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Gather round, FHM nation. Sex news coming through: Survey indicates that 7 in every 10 Filipina respondents believe that the most important factor for achieving optimum sexual experience is not size. Rather, it's hardness.

Conducted by global market research firm Harris Interactive Asia and released by Pfizer – the firm behind erectile dysfunction drug Viagra – the survey comprised of 120 sexually active Filipinas out of over 3,000 respondents from 10 Asian countries, including the Philippines.

According to the same survey, other factors considered significant when it comes to sexual satisfaction include the frequency of doing the deed, the deed’s duration, and the intensity of orgasm, reports. No problem there on our end. Heh.

But don’t swank your mojo around just yet. As easy as it sounds, being hard may also be subjective. Doctors from the European Association of Urology have explained the 4 levels of EHS, also known as the Erection Hardness Score. Can't wait to tell our friends there's such a thing.

The best of them levels, known as Grade 4, is the “Optimum” erection. This is when, erm, junior, can be likened to “a hardness of a cucumber.” Not only does it bring sexual satisfaction, it’s also an indication of a healthy well-being among men.

The “Suboptimum” erection, or Grade 3, can be compared to “a ripe banana” – hard enough for penetration but not as hard as Grade 4.

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Grades 1 and 2 should make dudes somewhat anxious, respectively being compared to “a serving of tofu and a peeled banana.”

But hey, let’s find self-assurance in knowing that size is out of the question now, yes? Nevertheless, just in case you’re one to fancy being better than a 4th grader, a few ways to do so can be found here. Gentlemen, here’s to being hard!

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