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<p>Celebrating 100 issues of escapes and escapades</p>
| Oct 29, 2008
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It was my second to the last day at my parents’ office, where I worked. One day my boyfriend visited me at my office (I have my own room). It’s been a week since our last “encounter,” and since we’re alone in the room, we decided to get naughty. I decided to take a peek at what my parents were doing before my man and I would get wild. I saw both of the them were busy. Perfect! As I went back inside my room, I hurriedly locked the door. Like in our past escapades, we didn’t fully undress for the occasion, just in case anyone would come. I only had my jeans and undies pulled down to my mid thigh, while he conveniently unbuttoned his pants. I sat on the sofa with my knees bent toward my chest as he knelt in front of me and pumped hungrily.

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