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Four on the floor!

Girls just wanna have fun…and tell the world about it

| Apr 30, 2009
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On our second wedding anniversary, my husband and I were enjoying ourselves on the beach when a couple approached us. They introduced themselves as Jenahlyn and Dan. They invited us to play volleyball, after which they invited us to their private cottage for a few drinks. There we settled ourselves and Dan opened a few bottles of beer. Soon the four of us were pretty much drunk. Dan suggested that we try a little game. He suggested that Jenahlyn sit beside Vincent and me, beside him. My husband and I were surprised, but Jenahlyn stood up and sat beside my husband. So as not to embarrass the couple, I stood up and sat beside Dan. He put his arm around me. I was surprised when I saw Jenahlyn kissing my husband. She pulled his cock out. My husband, drunk, did not resist as Jenahlyn lowered herself to give him a blowjob. At that moment I was starting to feel jealous when Dan held me closer. He started kissing me and began to fondle my breasts.

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