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Gamblers Get Live Entertainment

<p>Just the right kind of heat we all need</p>
| Mar 31, 2010
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One night my boyfriend and I, along with some friends, went out to party. Needless to say we got drunk, but none of us wanted to go home just yet. One of our friends owns a hotel in a nearby town, so we went there for an after-party. We stayed in one room, complete with food, drinks, and a deck of cards from the hotel. Our friends played pusoy while my boyfriend and I watched them. Then my boyfriend started tickling me and caressing my breasts from outside my shirt, without our friends knowing. It got more intense, and soon we were kissing torridly. I wanted to stop him there, but after a little while I couldn’t help myself. I opened his fly as fast as I could, put my hand on his crotch and started rubbing his cock. My friends, however, acted as if nothing was happening and just kept on playing. I then pulled his pants and boxers down, while he undressed me. In my bra and panties, I went down on him on the side of the bed. This time the guys and girls playing cards kept silent as they continued their game, while stealing glances at us. One of the girls then said I had a nice ass—it felt so awkward but what an experience it was! I got up, pushed my guy to the bed, and took my bra and undies off. Everyone started yelling in excitement. I got on top of my guy and rode him without a care in the world. We could see in our friends’ eyes that they were becoming horny, too. My guy placed me in a doggy position and started pumping hard. To which a guy friend said, “Tapikin mo sa puwet!” My boyfriend obliged, which made everyone yell and laugh. He pulled out his cock. I then sucked it until he came. Our friends stayed put up until the moment my guy and I walked to the bathroom to wash up. We’ve all kept it a secret to this day. It was an unforgettable experience that I think everyone should try out.
EA, by email

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PHOTOGRAPHY:Xander Angeles
STYLING: Bea Constantino
MAKEUP and HAIR: Mark Qua of shu uemura
SET DESIGN: Raffy Tesoro

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