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Geneva Cruz and the Five Vegan Babes of PETA

Beautiful babes with a cause
by Mikey Agulto | Apr 6, 2011
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Giving us more and more reasons to become green minded are the folks from PETA, who recently launched a new ad for their “Go Vegan” campaign. This time around, they're enlisting help from singer, long-time vegetarian, and FHM Babe, Geneva Cruz. Looking good in her much-admired birthday suit, eh?

A strict vegetarian at the tender age of 15, Geneva has since become a staunch vegan. “For me, being vegan is not about the diet. It’s really about my love for all creatures,” she shares.

The creatures she’s talking about are, of course, the ones we consume on a daily basis – beef coming from cows, pork coming from pigs, chickens being cooked in diverse ways, and the whole nine yards of animal butchery and cruelty.

Refraining from eating meat may sound like a torturous idea, but Geneva and PETA are hard at work in making awareness on the possible food alternatives and the pros of being a vegan. For starters, let the lady herself explain to you the perks of the green lifestyle.

“In addition to saving countless animals every year, the health benefits of a vegan diet are countless, whereas the consumption of animal-derived foods has been linked to not only heart disease and cancer but also multiple sclerosis and osteoporosis,” Geneva shares.

Here in turn is our own effort to help out. Behold our list of the five vegan babes from PETA, who like Geneva, aren’t afraid to use their God-given assets to spread the message of vegetarianism.

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