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Girls don’t like surprises!

Shocking revelation in big brother's house courtesy of his little sister!<br />
| Feb 23, 2007
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I live alone in a pad. Since there are no folks to please or tell me off, I often let visitors in. Once in a while my classmates would come over to hang out or do our assignments, or my brother would come over and stay for a couple of days. One time, a friend—a lesbian—dropped by to do some schoolwork. My brother was there, too. So while kuya was watching TV in the living room, my butch friend and I stayed in my room. I don’t know but having her in the privacy of my room made me horny. So I stopped what I was doing, slowly took of my top, and slipped my girl friend’s hand under my panties. She was a bit shocked but my moist pussy got the best of her. Her deft fingers digging into my orifice felt so good I was consumed in lust. I felt the imminent burst of orgasm when, suddenly, my brother came through the door. My friend and I were shocked. My brother froze but managed to walk away without a word. As he closed the door behind him, I didn’t feel any shame at all—I was so bitin I just had to guide my lesbian friend’s hand back in again so she could continue finger-fucking me until I reached cloud nine.
Cdo, by emaIL

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