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WATCH: Women Draw Their Idea Of A 'Perfect Penis'

'Big penises are evil!'
by John Paulo Aguilera | Apr 15, 2015
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Apparently, this is not a good idea.

What started out as Elite Daily LABS interviewing a handful of women about the importance of intimacy in a relationship, which segued into the subject of their ideal penis size (wait, what?), ended up with the same women "putting penises into paper."

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And because these girls aren't exactly Picasso or van Gogh, their outputs—more like, attempts—were nothing short of hilarious and, for some, absurd. Really, a penis with arms?

In the end, one question hangs from this social experiment: Is it us, men, or them who should be ashamed of these "dick pics"?

WARNING: NSFW images ahead! (Not!)

This one's really good at drawing


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Presenting, the talking penis! (Just not sure if she's really happy.)


You know she's satisfied when she sees your schlong as a glow stick and your balls as two smiley faces...


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Somebody's too into green living!


Well, she has a point. Literally.


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"Honey, I shrunk the balls!" Wait, we think this is the top view.


THAT does not help the stigma about Asian size


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Really?! You can do better than that!


The fondness for black is strong with this one...


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Most of the time two heads are better than one, but in this case it's kinda weird.


Bread? Perfume bottle? Nose? Giving us the finger? WTF is that, woman?!


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Looks like someone likes French tips...


Check out the full video below:

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