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Do Girls Like Seeing Dick Pics? This Video Shows You Their Answers!

A social experiment on YouTube shows women's responses to photos of penises!
by Gelo Gonzales | Mar 24, 2015
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Admit it, bro: You've sent a photo of your penis to an unwitting lady on some online dating site/your summer fling/your girlfriend for seduction purposes. (Or at the very least, you've thought of it.)

But you probably haven't thought it over well enough to consider that the receiving party might not be all that receptive to it.

In a social experiment posted on YouTube, user wickydkewl showed a number of women a finely curated and exquisitely selected gallery of...dick pics.

Here's a preview of their reactions:

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Not very promising, right?

Their verbal responses further hammer down what their facial expressions say.

Watch the full clip here:

Video via wickydkewl

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