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This Smart Condom Records Your Bedroom Performance

Check your sex stats and more
by Andrei Medina | Mar 3, 2017
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A company from the UK has announced wearable tech for males which can be used to record various information during intercourse.

According to British Condoms, their product, called i.Con, will help couples enjoy sex more by giving them an idea of what aspects men need to improve on when it comes to performance.

In its description, the company reveals that their product is not actually a condom, but something you wear with it.

“No, i.Con is not an actual condom; it’s a ring that will sit over a condom at the base, which you can use over and over again.”

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It also has features like being lightweight and water resistant to ensure maximum comfort during use.

So how does this thing work? i.Con uses nano-chips and sensors to measure your sex statistics like the size of your package, the speed and number of thrusts you make, and the total amount of times you’ve had sex while wearing the ring.

Aside from this, it measures things like average skin temperature and calories burnt during sex, but we’re not sure how this is helpful unless you plan on making sexual intercourse your main workout.


After doing the deed, you can download your most recent data on the i.Con app, and from there you can view your sex stats and even compare them anonymously with other users.

You can already register for preorders of the i.Con, which is expected to be released in 2017 for £59.99 or roughly P3,700.


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