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Heads up, soldier!

Sexy girlfriend treats cadet-boy-friend to a well-deserved R&R!<br />
| Feb 1, 2007
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This happened when I was a freshman at a university in Baguio. My then boyfriend was a fourth year cadet at the famous soldiers’ school. We agreed to meet at the grounds of his school and go to a more secluded spot so that we could talk privately. I guess he was kind of disappointed because I only wanted to “talk” but I sensed what he was up to so I let him lead the way. He took me to an empty john and we began kissing. As I was undoing his uniform he was sucking real nice on my nips through my shirt. I sat him on one of the crappers, mounted him, sliding his cock into me very smoothly. Me pumping real hard on his dick was exciting enough, but it was made even more so with the noise going on outside—the john wasn’t locked or anything, and we could hear cadets milling outside, anytime they could come in and catch us. We finished, went out undetected, and pretended nothing had happened. We could have gotten away clean had it not been for the lipstick mark I had left on his cheek, which some of his batch mates saw and got an idea from.
Ann, by email

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